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Make your home more energy efficient!

Make your home more energy efficient!

Everyone talks about being “energy efficient” and “going green,” but what does that mean for you and your home? It means your home can go from a B- to an A+! Being energy efficient is so important for your health, the environment AND can save you money! We have some tips that can help you be energy efficient in every room :)

The Bedroom

The bedroom is a very important room that contributes a lot to the home. During the warmest months, a lot of people crank up the air conditioner because no one wants to be hot and sweaty when they’re sleeping. This is a monumental waste of energy! Utilize a ceiling fan, they circulate cool air in the summer by pushing the cool air upward ro mix with the warm air. This helps keep you cooler and saves energy. But remember to turn it off when you’ve left the room, a ceiling fan doesn’t cool down a room just people.

The Living Room

One easy but pricey way to save money in the living room is to buy things that are Energy Star certified. These products help reduce energy consumption without reducing the quality. Another thing that seems like common sense but you’d be surprised to know a lot of people are guilty of this: turn off devices that are not in use. Even things in stand-by mode are still using energy, completely shut them off.

To help even further with conserving energy, look into improving your windows and doors. Your windows may have cracks and leaks in them which can cause air to leave the home making your thermostat go up or down fighting to keep the room warm or cool.

The Dining Room/Kitchen

Your kitchen/dining area is the center of the home, so it’s important to help conserve energy here. Use pressure cookers or a microwave instead of the stove, they’ll save energy and shorten cooking time. If you do use the oven, try to cook several items at once and don’t open the door to peek in because that can lower the temperature inside and takes longer to cook. Only run a full dishwasher! Let your dishes air dry! Allow foods to partially cool down before putting them in the fridge because it takes a lot more energy to cool down hot food!

A Guide to Decorating Your Studio Apartment

A Guide to Decorating Your Studio Apartment

You’d think decorating a studio apartment would be easy. Everything in one room = less rooms to think about! But when you have your bedroom, living room and kitchen all in one area, that can be a challenging feat. We can help you with some tried and true tips!

1. Choose a neutral color scheme
One of the most important things in decorating your studio apartment is to make sure you choose the right color scheme to make your space feel more spacious. We like neutral based furniture and walls for this purpose. So choose your pieces in beiges, light browns, light blue, light gray or off-white. Avoid dark or extremely bright colors because they can make the room feel smaller. Focus more on texture and details rather than color. Go for muted prints rather than bold colors.

2. The bed goes where?
Your bed should always be against a wall or adjacent to a wall, never in the center of the room or by a window. Up against a wall, it takes up very little space and doesn’t make your room seem small. You could consider a sleeper sofa so there’s more seating for guests during the day!

3. Light it up
Lighting is extremely crucial with small apartments. Keep your blinds or curtains open as much as possible, even in the winter! Letting the light in helps make the room look bigger! Invest in lamps or even a small chandelier that don’t take up any floor space.

4. Create little “rooms”
A studio apartment combines 3 rooms into one, so why not create the illusion  that there are separate rooms with your furniture? Use small love seats or sofas to create a living room area by setting them perpendicular to each other. Set a small coffee table in the center of your mini room to extend the vibe. Use rugs, end tables or bookcases to further the illusion of a room within a room!

5. Store the clutter
Storage ottomans, book shelves and storage coffee tables will come in handy by helping you remove the clutter from your space. Nothing makes a room look smaller than stuff just lying around. If you don’t have enough closet space, invest in some storage ottomans to stow away what you don’t need.

We've Got You Covered: Fabric Protection

We’ve Got You Covered: Fabric Protection

Your new furniture has just arrived at your home, looking beautiful, fresh and pristine. We’ve got a few ways to help you keep your things as perfect as the day you bought it!

Microfiber is kid and pet friendly, which makes it one of the most popular furniture fabrics!

Artisan leather is one of the most beautiful furniture materials on the market, but that means you have to take extra care of it!

Cotton is easy and simple and looks great with anything. Easy to clean too :)

Linen is a high-class fabric that requires a lot of care!

Protect your fabulous fabrics!

Protect your fabulous fabrics!


Learn more about Pure Promise today!

Biggest Furniture Shopping Challenges...Solved!

Biggest Furniture Shopping Challenges…Solved!

Breathe easy & save big in the new year

Breathe easy & save big in the new year

A new year, a new way to get yourself financially secure for a brighter future! It’s not always easy getting back on track after the holidays are over but we’ve got a few expert tips to help guide you on your way to a more financially secure 2015!

Keep it in check
Start by sitting down and going through your budget (and for those of you who don’t have a budget, what are you doing? Hurry up and get a budget already!). You need to analyze your spending, what worked and what didn’t in the previous year. Check for areas where you spent more in than your normally did or less than you had planned. Using this information, you can build a better, more accurate budget for the new year.

Set those goals
What are you trying to accomplish in 2015? Does that require money? Probably. So start setting goals to hit every month to reach your long-term goal. Setting up a separate savings account is a great way to measure and keep track of what you’re saving. Make sure you’re transferring money into the account every month so you’re seeing progress and don’t touch it unless absolutely necessary!

Sell the clutter
Don’t hold on to things you don’t need, get rid of what’s clearly garbage and sell the rest! This way you’re decluttering your home and making a little cash on the side. This money can go right into your savings account to be used for what you truly need it for.

Google is your friend
The age of blindly buying things at face value is over. Google everything you want to purchase, especially if it’s over $50. Check and see that you’re getting the very best deals on the things you want. Don’t get dazzled into spending more than you have to!

Cut back on the extras
Do you really need a monthly subscription to Pandora or Spotify? You’ll survive the commercials, the free version will do just fine. If you have a gym membership and aren’t going at least 3 times a week, is it really worth it to keep paying that much a month? Start tallying up your expenses each month and keep track via Mint or another finance app to really see where you’re spending your hard earned cash.

Get ready for it: Home Delivery Checklist

Get ready for it: Home Delivery Checklist

Lazy Sunday: Stay at home with Easy Pass!

Lazy Sunday: Stay at home with Easy Pass!

Online shopping has only gotten easier over the years, but we at VCF strive to top that with one of our favorite web options.

It’s called Easy Pass. You can go online, create an account, add your fave items to your cart, and merge the cart with the nearest store. Then at your own convenience, you can either complete your purchase online from the comfort of your home, or go to the store to buy your pre-selected items!

We know shopping can be a drag, which is why we love Easy Pass so much. It makes it super easy on you to visualize your cart online first and then see it in-stores!

A new way to shop, Easy Pass combines the best of online and in-store shopping into one quick and convenient system.

Stay in your PJs and do all your shopping online without having to maneuver through a showroom. Then whenever you want, go into the store to complete your purchase. Your visit will be even easier with Easy Pass’s “quick express” checkout.

OR start in the store and get hands-on with our entire selection. Then, after you’ve gotten your “sales quote” from an associate, go online to merge your items into your shopping cart. There you can check measurements, choose colors and complete your purchase from the comfort of your home.

Never stress about shopping again!

Brrr it's cold outside: Make your home a comfort station!

Brrr it’s cold outside: Make your home a comfort station!

It’s January, which means cold winds, snow, lack of sun and grumpy people. Turn your own home into a comfort oasis to combat this dreary month! How do we do that? Oh we’ll show you how. Get inspired by some of our favorite pieces, picked for you!

Step #1: Surround yourself with comfort aka pillows.
We just got a ton of accent pillows on the vcf.com website and they are magnificent. A particular favorite is The Peace Collection and they’re basically cable-knit sweaters turned into pillows. Doesn’t that sound like the definition of comfort?


Step #2: Get yourself a fireplace, if you don’t already have one!

The key to comfort in the winter is to stay warm and cozy. For small spaces, we have the Homestead Fireplace, which is just small enough to fit anywhere and it’s super cute to boot! For larger spaces, the Brentwood Collection is your best bet for ultimate coziness and gives your TV an awesome place to rest.







Step #3: Cozy chairs are a must!
Every room needs at least one cozy chair to snuggle up in with a nice book and a glass of wine or hot chocolate. Our Celeste chair is perfect because it comes with it’s own pillow AND throw! It’s a cozy explosion in one package!




Step #4: Lamps, lamps everywhere!
A lot of people in colder states suffer from seasonal disorder, which means you get sad and grumpy in the winter time because of the lack of sun. Combat this by placing lamps everywhere so that light shines from every stairwell and entryway! Our Paper Shade Collection is simplistic in it’s elegance and will fit any home.

Step #5: Get lots and lots of books and hunker down for the long winter.
Reading books is essential to getting through a long winter. So you need a place to put all those novels you’re about to read? For small spaces we have the Grenoble and you can pretty much put anything in that from books to coffee mugs to wine glasses, to truly max its potential out. For larger spaces, the Collins bookcase is truly meant to hold your beloved tomes.

Furniture is family

Furniture is family

It’s easy to get caught up in the every day. And “living in the moment” is challenging when you’re juggling everything at once! How many of you feel like you’re being pulled in many different directions? I know I do! Life can get crazy! And with everything going on, it can really be hard finding time for yourself and for your family.

But I have the answer. And it might surprise you.


That’s right. Furniture can actually help in your quest to find time. Imagine this- purchasing a reclining sectional that has room for the entire family. Suddenly, family movie night sounds like a blast! Or buying that dining table you’ve always wanted.  At last, you can actually host Thanksgiving dinner or have a New Year’s Eve party.

Many people look at furniture shopping as stressful. But remember, furniture can mean so much more than “your favorite colors and style.” It could change the way you live.

Shopping Guide: Getting the right gift by personality

Shopping for people can be particularly hard. Especially if you may not know too much about them. But the best thing to do is find at least one thing that they like to talk about or check for context clues whether its on their desk at work, in the room, what they’re wearing or what they post about on social media. We’ve made a little starter kit for people who need a little help getting started on gift buying with these gifts tailored to a personality!


If your friend is a traveller, they just might LOVE our Britannia Collection or our Eiffel Tower print. Something that reminds them of their wanderlust and need for exploration.

Or maybe your buddy is a fierce animal lover with a passion for fashionable prints and a need to have it everywhere. That Zebra Accent Chest would be the perfect gift for them. Or maybe the Safari Cube Ottoman to really get into their wild side?


Everyone knows an artist, someone who loves the abstract beauty of lines and color. Why not get them the Black Hole wall piece, it looks like it’s floating in midair! Or even the aesthetically pleasing Olympia table would be a good fit.

Wine lovers are easy to please, we always say. Get them warm colored pieces and plenty of storage units to house their multitude of bottles. The Vegas Bar is one of our favorite pieces because it’s simple and chic. Your buddy will love it.


Everyone knows a bookworm, you might even be one yourself! The Camryn bookcase is the king of bookcases, it’s gorgeous and will go with anything. Once they grab their book, they can fall back on the Camino chair with a nice throw. Wonderful.

Friendsgiving is for a different kind of family!

Friendsgiving is for a different kind of family!

Some people call it the “Orphan Thanksgiving” which is so depressing! Friendsgiving is an age-old tradition that has been highlighted a lot in recent years. Because of jobs and other reasons to move far from home, a lot of people are separated from their families. Friendsgiving can be celebrated a few days before or after Thanksgiving, and is a special time for you and your buddies to eat together and give thanks to your wonderful, weird friendship. We’ve got some tips for you to help make this year’s Friendsgiving the best one yet….at least until next year’s ;)

First things first, is to make sure you send out invitations ahead of time, whether its the traditional way or through a group chat on iMessage or Facebook. Make sure you have a solid headcount, before you start planning. Don’t be disappointed if not everyone can go! You all have busy lives and other obligations, just focus on those that can be there for this occasion.

As a part of the planning process, priority number 1 is making sure there is plenty of seating available for your guests and not only that but eating areas. Depending on how many people come, plus how big or small your place is, you may need to add some chairs, ottomans and tables to create space without being too cluttered and feeling too tight.









Make sure you know your audience when it comes to alcohol! Most people assume wine is the drink of choice, but it’s always good to have beer and hard cider on hand for those that prefer some hops :) Always have non-alcoholic beverages available as well!  A serving table or wine rack will work nicely, so keep it out in the open and readily available for guests to grab when they want!


Go light on decor! These are your friends that have seen you do stupid, silly and weird things. They love you and you love them, so there’s no need to have gourds and pumpkins and pilgrim hats everywhere. They’re coming for sustenance, good company and great conversation!




Don’t go cheap on dishware though…paper plates and red party cups aren’t allowed at Friendsgiving. Bring out some nice china, it doesn’t have to match at all! Just give your friends the benefit of nice meal on non-paper and plastic utensils. We’ve actually got something called Ginori, which is some amazing Italian dinnerware that we bought. It’s actually 25% off in stores right now! So hurry up and grab some before your dinners!


Another piece of advice is to accept help whenever it’s offered. Don’t think that just because it’s your place you have to do every single thing. Let your friends help you with the cleaning up and putting dishes away, it’s just their way of giving thanks to you for hosting a wonderful meal :)

One last thing…don’t over plan! This is a fun thing to do with your friends and let them know they’re your second family. And that’s just as important, during this season, as spending time with your first family!