I feel there are two categories of décor during the holidays. And while you can combine them, most people fall into either a traditional or modern Christmas style. For instance, my oldest son is completely traditional.  If I try to do something different, like add a mirrored wreath for instance, he looks at me like I committed a crime! lol! And I understand why. For him, Christmas is about custom. We grow warm and content with what is familiar. But on the flip side, there are some who want to do something unexpected. Something different. So we have tips for those of you who embrace tradition…for those who want a little shimmer…and for those of you who want both!

Traditional Christmas Décor

Hang velvet ribbons, glass ornaments and pinecones to brighten a staircase.

Tweed and clothespins can create a charming display. Hang your children’s Christmas school art near the window.

Love the sound of jingle bells? Hang them on your doorknob. People will think Santa’s sleigh is pulling up in your driveway.

Joy to the world! You can spread holiday warmth in your home with the perfect pillows. These red pillows would pop beautifully off any of our neutral sofas.

Decorate your exterior trees with seed ornaments. They’re not only beautiful, but each ornament is also a special treat for birds. You can find these at Gardner’s Supply Company and many other stores.

Contemporary Christmas Décor

I mentioned it earlier, and I’m saying it again. A mirrored wreath. How pretty is this?


Look! Shiny thing in the road!

If you want a more contemporary Christmas, just add a sparkle and bold colors.


Departing reds and greens and embracing golds and silvers will definitely create modern Christmas glamour.


Instead of poinsettias, white hydrangeas can add an unexpected touch. The white still creates a winter feel.


And don’t be afraid to mix styles. If you love the reds and greens of Christmas, but you’ve had it with poinsettias, then try different flowers. Or if you need some shimmer, but refuse to let go of the wreaths and pinecones, then that’s okay too. There’s no wrong way to decorate for Christmas. Because the true Christmas spirit is about being with our loved ones. Our friends and families. The décor, well, that’s just frosting on the cake. :)



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