We would like to introduce you to our first guest blogger…Stefanie! Stefanie is the Editor of Chic Style Modern, and shows her passion for social media through her clients’ brands. She is the mother of two, and a wife to a fire fighter. She loves following trends in fashion and home, and is always up for a chat on twitter. Be sure to follow her on Twitter @chicstylemodern, and connect with her on Facebook.

We hope you enjoy her first blog for us and much as we did. She has great insight, and is just a fantastic person!

“You do not need to sacrifice style when adding storage and comfort to a room. You need to

decide what you are trying to achieve in a room, and then think of pieces that can help you achieve that look. That is exactly what I had to do in my sunroom. Ever since we moved into our home, I always struggled with the sunroom. One, because it was directly next to my kitchen giving the illusion that we have a very open floor plan. As much as I do love it, I also had a huge problem with filling the space. 

After browsing online, and looking through magazines for a little inspiration, I finally knew
what I needed to add to my loveseat. I have had this loveseat for several years, and got it on sale at Value City Furniture. However, I always wanted to do something to make it a little more comfortable. “An ottoman!” I knew that an ottoman would  not only add comfort, but would also make the room more complete. Just because you have a smaller area, does not mean that you cannot fill the space. You can still add a piece without overdoing the room. I knew a ottoman would serve a great purpose. This started an entirely new hunt.

What style ottoman? Does it need to have storage? What size? If I go too small, then I feel like I’m defeating the purpose of why I wanted to get an ottoman in the first place. The search started, and the first place I went to look was Value City Furniture. I was amazed how many styles of ottomans they had. There were so many and it did make it difficult to pick just one. However, I was finally able to find a stylish ottoman that served its purpose.

The Callihan black storage ottoman caught my eye. I wanted the ottoman to be the star of the show. I needed something that could give me the storage I needed and also be a coffee table. This does just that. The leather-like fabric is perfect since I have two little ones running around. If they spilled something on it, I know that I could wipe it right up and it would look like new! My favorite part of this ottoman is definitely how the top of it can lift up. My kids love to sit on the loveseat now and pull the top up so that they can set their books on it to read.

I love the idea of the pull out drawers too! Being able to have hidden storage is always something needed, especially with kids. If someone is coming over and you need to straighten up, throwing their toys in the ottoman can really make clean up a breeze. Plus the ottoman can really serve as another seat in the house when having people over for the holidays. This is definitely a piece of furniture that can always be used by everyone.”

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