June is Migraine & Headache Awareness Month. And if you, or loved ones you know, have suffered from a migraine attack or a serious headache, you know how debilitating it can be. Basically, it knocks the crap out of you. And when you’re in the middle of one, you don’t want to talk, smell, hear, feel or eat anything. All five senses shut down, and you’re left battling a headache that feels like someone is hitting you in the head over and over again. This is exactly why you need to think about migraine proofing your home! Here are a few ways to create a headache haven.

Tip #1: Get a chaise, chair or recliner for your room

There’s no way to explain it, but sometimes a migraine makes it impossible to lie down. When you try to get comfortable on a bed, the pain in your head increases. But when you sit up, it subsides. It’s cruel, right? Because how are you suppose to sleep off a migraine if you can’t get comfortable? You need a place that will allow you to fall asleep while sitting up. A chaise, a comfy chair or a recliner can help you accomplish this. And let’s be honest, when you’re not using it to seek refuge from a migraine, it will make your room look chic.

Tip #2: Soft lights

If you normally have some seriously bright lights in your bedroom, you might want to consider investing in some beautiful lamps that offer a soft light. Sometimes when you’re suffering with a migraine, you don’t want to be surrounded in complete darkness, but your regular lights are way too bright. Buying a lamp with a soft bulb provides you some light without being so invasive.

Tip #3: Heavy drapes

Speaking of light, the last thing you need is bright sunlight streaming into your room. Heavy drapes or Venetian blinds can block the harsh sunlight and allow you to control how bright your room is while you battle your headache.

Tip #4: Toss out the scented candles

You may want to tell your family to eat out while you suffer through your headache. That’s because scent can play a large role in migraines. Perfumes, lotions, foods, cigarette smoke… they can all cause your head to hurt more. Make sure to avoid smells when fighting a migraine.

Tip #5: Turn it off

Phones, the TV, computers, iPads, put ‘em all away! While it might be tempting to grab your phone and send a text- it’s not a good idea. Looking at electronic screens can exacerbate the headache.

Hopefully these tips work for you. But the bottom line is that you need to create the perfect room for you to fight your migraine or serious headache. Extra soft pillows, soft sheets, a beautiful bed, the perfect mattress, these things all will not only help you to battle your headache, but help to fend them off. A stress-free room filled with items that make you relax is just what the doctor ordered.

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