Farewell Mad Men! ‘Til we meet again next season! It’s only been a few weeks since the season finale, and already we miss watching the show. Specifically, we miss feeling as though we’ve been teleported back to a time when men’s suits were exciting and colorful, anything paisley was a must, and using a scarf to hold your hair back worked just as well as tying it around your neck to add color.

Yes. Thanks to Joan, Don, Peggy, Roger and a host of other characters, Mad Men’s style has definitely caught on. And not just their clothes. But the chic furniture.

The show takes us into 1960’s homes, offices, apartments, and restaurants. And with each change of a scene, you are introduced to new, cool furniture designs. Clean lines. Sophisticated style. And low profiles. No uber cushy cushions. But colorful, sleek furniture that is designed to catch your eye the moment you walk into a room.

And of course, just like clothing, the show has inspired us to introduce hints of 1960′s furniture style into our own assortment. The photo we’re featuring in this article shows a low profile cream sofa with colorful accent pieces. It’s called the Avenue Collection, which is due in stores mid to late July 2013. So if you love the look, you’ll want to stop by and see it first hand.




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