The day has arrived. Your son or daughter is on the way to college. I know… it seems like just yesterday you were making them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Wait a second. It WAS yesterday when you were making them a sandwich! Hope they’re ready to make their own snacks, because it’s move in day, and they are about to be on their own in college! Here are some tips to get through the big day.

Know the Facts! Emails, letters, anything and everything that the university has sent you… gather it up and double check times, locations, etc. There’s a lot going on, and you’ll want to be mentally prepared before you head out. Also, consider going when there’s down time. If move in starts at 6AM- it might sound brutally early, but heading out at sunrise might help you miss the big rush.

Be Organized! Don’t just throw things anywhere. Food goes into the food box. Detergent into the cleaning box, etc. It may sound like a no brainer- but you’d be surprised how easy it is to get things mixed up. I mean- look at Toy Story 3! The toys were supposed to be stored in the attic, but Andy threw them into a trash bag instead of a box, so his mom thought they were garbage. Don’t let this happen to you! lol!

Packing Clothes! Two things to remember when packing clothes. First- make sure you pack mostly casual with a few dressy items. Your daughter will probably feel more comfortable in laid-back clothes during class. Unless she’s like Elle Woods. Then forget everything I just said. And secondly, think about the season. If you know it will be warm until they make it back home, you might want to consider replacing clothes when semesters change. That doesn’t mean she or he shouldn’t have sweatshirts and such. But you’ll save space if you plan on doing a seasonal closet switch out.

Living Large in a Small Dorm Room! Did you get a chance to read our blog article about getting organized once you’ve moved in and what furniture can help you accomplish that task? Then you’ll DEFINITELY want to read our blog article about making the most out of your space. And don’t forget, when you need those little things to make life a bit easier for your college kids, you can always check out our  huge accessory assortment. Lamps, bookcases, TV stands, ottomans, etc. We offer a variety of dorm-living furnishings- AND at a great price, of course. I mean, you’re paying tuition. Let us help you with the cost of that lamp! :)

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