Merging his and hers and yours and mine – ugh, that just sounds exhausting! I thought it would be the challenge of the year to bring the bonus room to life… Him wanting a space to host the guys without glitter and frill and me wanting a room that adds value to our lives; but in fact there is so much functional furniture out there, that it came together easily and reflects both of us!

Knowing the different uses we would both have for the bonus room, we started with a neutral wall. And neutral today isn’t like your mom’s khaki, beige or white. Today’s neutral is blue-grays and sea-greens, which are very relaxing and inviting.

Now, bring on the sofa that fits the Saturday afternoon football game fans and the Monday evening ‘O’ Book Club crew! We opted for leather with saddlebag arms for pillows and double stitched accents creating the perfect spot for reading,cheering, napping and everything in between!

And while it sounds all rainbows and sunshine, we did have one good debate – do we add a specific purpose table for gaming, or should e go for a traditional dining table?  But after we talked about the actual purpose of the table, it was clear that a multi-functional table with a lot of chairs was perfect! There’s room for card playing and scrapbooking the team’s latest victory or setting out our favorite game day foods.



Because we talked about how we’re going to use the room, it really came together as a reflection of both of our personalities. So of course, our room isn’t complete without a few of my candles, some family photos, along with some fun, cool prints. So don’t fear the debate! And jump on turning that extra space into a place that is the best of both of you!

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