Things that used to scare me:

1) Turning the lights off in the basement and walking up the steps, always looking over my shoulder to see if something was about to grab me, 2) Getting lost in a corn maze and the alien from “Signs” kidnapping me, and 3) Patterns.

But I’ve come a long way since those days, and you know what? Patterns don’t scare me anymore! I overcame my fear and so can you!



I incorporated the colors of the pattern throughout the room by adding accent pieces, some cream throw pillows in a simple pattern for my husband’s chair and dark wood picture frames for the top of the entertainment center. By using the color scheme throughout the room, the patterned sofa livens things up without looking out of place!

Not ready to make the move to patterned furniture? Then throw some fun on your walls instead! We painted horizontal stripes on the walls of our front entrance way. It was so simple! We just needed painter’s tape and a leveler. For a retro feel, vary the width and the colors. Either way, the entrance will feel longer, wider, and cozier!
So I finally overcame my fear of patterns. I’ve even started to like corn mazes. But I will always walk a little bit faster going up the dark basement steps!




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