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Furniture is family

Furniture is family

It’s easy to get caught up in the every day. And “living in the moment” is challenging when you’re juggling everything at once! How many of you feel like you’re being pulled in many different directions? I know I do! Life can get crazy! And with everything going on, it can really be hard finding time for yourself and for your family.

But I have the answer. And it might surprise you.


That’s right. Furniture can actually help in your quest to find time. Imagine this- purchasing a reclining sectional that has room for the entire family. Suddenly, family movie night sounds like a blast! Or buying that dining table you’ve always wanted.  At last, you can actually host Thanksgiving dinner or have a New Year’s Eve party.

Many people look at furniture shopping as stressful. But remember, furniture can mean so much more than “your favorite colors and style.” It could change the way you live.

Friendsgiving is for a different kind of family!

Friendsgiving is for a different kind of family!

Some people call it the “Orphan Thanksgiving” which is so depressing! Friendsgiving is an age-old tradition that has been highlighted a lot in recent years. Because of jobs and other reasons to move far from home, a lot of people are separated from their families. Friendsgiving can be celebrated a few days before or after Thanksgiving, and is a special time for you and your buddies to eat together and give thanks to your wonderful, weird friendship. We’ve got some tips for you to help make this year’s Friendsgiving the best one yet….at least until next year’s ;)

First things first, is to make sure you send out invitations ahead of time, whether its the traditional way or through a group chat on iMessage or Facebook. Make sure you have a solid headcount, before you start planning. Don’t be disappointed if not everyone can go! You all have busy lives and other obligations, just focus on those that can be there for this occasion.

As a part of the planning process, priority number 1 is making sure there is plenty of seating available for your guests and not only that but eating areas. Depending on how many people come, plus how big or small your place is, you may need to add some chairs, ottomans and tables to create space without being too cluttered and feeling too tight.









Make sure you know your audience when it comes to alcohol! Most people assume wine is the drink of choice, but it’s always good to have beer and hard cider on hand for those that prefer some hops :) Always have non-alcoholic beverages available as well!  A serving table or wine rack will work nicely, so keep it out in the open and readily available for guests to grab when they want!


Go light on decor! These are your friends that have seen you do stupid, silly and weird things. They love you and you love them, so there’s no need to have gourds and pumpkins and pilgrim hats everywhere. They’re coming for sustenance, good company and great conversation!




Don’t go cheap on dishware though…paper plates and red party cups aren’t allowed at Friendsgiving. Bring out some nice china, it doesn’t have to match at all! Just give your friends the benefit of nice meal on non-paper and plastic utensils. We’ve actually got something called Ginori, which is some amazing Italian dinnerware that we bought. It’s actually 25% off in stores right now! So hurry up and grab some before your dinners!


Another piece of advice is to accept help whenever it’s offered. Don’t think that just because it’s your place you have to do every single thing. Let your friends help you with the cleaning up and putting dishes away, it’s just their way of giving thanks to you for hosting a wonderful meal :)

One last thing…don’t over plan! This is a fun thing to do with your friends and let them know they’re your second family. And that’s just as important, during this season, as spending time with your first family!

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